Here at Jay C. Designs, we cater to a whole bunch of acrylic products. Anything you could think of products that are made of acrylic material we have it here. Starting with our acrylic trophies and plaques a lot of customers are asking why acrylic. Why not glass? Why not crystals? Well, in this blog I will show you why Acrylic Trophies and Plaques are better than any other materials.


The Design

In using acrylic materials, we can easily choose what kind of shape, how thick is the dimension, and how slick our trophies and plaques can be. We have an unlimited choice of designs with acrylic. Our clients and we have the same vision when it comes to awarding ceremonies it is to give our partners/employees the best appreciation they could ever get! That is why here at Jay C. Designs we offer a variety of choices with our trophies and plaques where you can customize and choose freely based on your needs.


The Durability

Acrylic trophies and plaques are more durable than other materials like glass and crystals. It is much less risky especially when the products need to travel from one place to another and it does not break making them last a lifetime! Also, it is lightweight compared to glass and crystal trophies and plaques therefore anyone who can receive it may conveniently handle and store it without the risk of breaking it.


There are a whole lot of choices in the awards industry, so it may confuse you on what kind of tokens or awards to offer to your partners or employees. But one thing is for sure ACRYLIC TROPHIES AND PLAQUES are a much better option than the other materials out there. Now, if you are currently searching for an Acrylic Trophies and Plaques Supplier in The Philippines you may want to choose Jay C. Designs, for we have been established and partnered with a lot of corporations when it comes to their awards ceremonies since we have been operating for more than 40 years now.

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