Company Profile

Jay C. Designs was established in July 16, 1980 as a company producing and selling personalized key chains and souvenir items such as paperweights, paper and pen holders, calling card holders, picture frames and other desk accessories.

In the 1990’s it introduced into the Philippine market Trophies and Plaque made entirely of acrylic materials. It was a concept that presented itself then as new and innovative considering that trophies and plaques were made either of metal, glass or wood at that time. During that period, the company also introduced ready-made indoor signage. It gained instant acceptance due to its elegance and class. To date signages bearing the Jay C. Designs trademark remain visible all over the country: in hotels, restaurants, hospitals and other commercial establishments. These signages are sold in leading stores such as The DIY Shop and can be purchased online thru Lazada, Shopee, Facebook and Tiktok. The complete catalog may be seen in its website


The birth of digital printing technology a few years back paved the way for  Jay C. Designs to develop an original innovation: photo quality trophies and plaques. This technology also enabled the company to produce high quality signage and related products that enhanced visual quality to its product lines.


When the company acquired laser engraving and cutting machinery, its products achieved a quality parallel with international standards. To date, the company manufactures precision products such as playing card dispensers used in casinos.


The intricacies and detailed processes involved in producing and selling personalized key chains served as a training ground for the company to put value on quality of all its products and personalized service to every client for more than four decades. The company core value quality and punctuality is extended to the way we produce products and the way we serve our clients. The company takes pride in providing its customers high quality products at very reasonable price.